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How to Create a Business Card That Gets Noticed

how to create a business card that gets noticed A business card is merely a gateway to a networking opportunity, and having a properly formatted, attention-grabbing card is one way of getting noticed in the business world. There are multiple styles and designs which you can employ in the creation of your business card, but it is really up to the industry and your personality that is going to determine what is best for you.

This is your chance to have colleagues and employers keep you fresh in their minds, and making certain mistakes will stand out in a negative way. This is why you have to be careful and take time and care to make them error free and noticeable.

How to Create a Business Card That Gets Noticed

  • Stick to the Basics
    It can be tempting to want to include everything about yourself on a business card, but you have to realize that its purpose is to serve as a reminder of who you are to a professional, not a replacement.

    Do not complicate your space with clutter or cheesy images, include your most important information up front and without any silly fonts or styles. Some people choose to have the absolute minimum amount of information with their logo, social media accounts, and name. While you don't have to be that minimalist, you shouldn't go over the top either.
  • Make an Impression
    If you have the ability to create an attractive design you should do so. Although a simple design is preferred so that your information is readily available, an impressive and elegant design is desired. That way your clients, employers, and coworkers will notice you.

    Brand yourself by including your own logo if applicable, create a matching color scheme and even include a picture of your work or yourself. Having some kind of unique image will help people remember who you are and enhance the effects of personal branding.

    You can even include 3D elements like textures, embossing, or special edging. These subtle effects will draw attention to your card without any words.
  • Multiple Purposes
    A business card can have more functions than the promotion of yourself and whichever business you are involved in. Other functions can creatively get you noticed and remembered.

    Using your business card as a coupon, or reminder, or an advertisement for a service is the type of multipurpose function that they can serve. For example, a local restaurant could include a map of the area, or a heating company could include a checklist for furnace health. These types of uses not only serve a purpose, but help promote yourself and your business.
  • Design Concepts of your Cards
    To properly display your information of your business card, you must stick to certain guidelines that are typical and expected.

    • Color/Design: the typical design is a two-tone color scheme consisting of two colors. You may choose the colors of your business, amongst the standard colors available. Your font should be clear and legible, but not silly.
    • Weight: Business cards are usually printed using 80 pound cardstock.
    • Texture/Finish: You can choose either smooth, or a textured finish.
    • Quantity: It never hurts to print more business cards than less. However, make sure you are aware of how long you will be in your current position so you don't print too many and waste paper. If you think you are up for a promotion in which your title will change you should hold off on printing a large quantity since you will have to change them shortly. Professionals typically order anywhere from 100-1000 business cards depending on the volume in which they will go through. Think about how many people you interact with on a daily basis and extrapolate how many you think you will require.
  • Double-Check Your Work
    This is always go-to advice, but it is important to take notice of any errors that may come up in your work. This means that you must spell check elements as simple as your name and email address.

    Have someone look them over to double-check that everything is complete and correct. Also, make sure that all of your information such as your email address and phone numbers provided are current. Do not include an email address that you will never check either, if you hand someone a business card you need for them to be able to get in contact with you immediately.
Free business cards are a way to network and keep in touch with customers and other people in the professional community. You may have a chance of getting more attention and having more people remember you by following these tips. You may use our creator program if you want to create your own for free.