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Business Cards Designs That Get Sales

business cards Business Cards Designs That Get Sales is a tutorial that explains how to create business cards that get sales and new customers by making a lasting, positive first impression.

Just like the first sentence says, the objective of a business card is to advertise your business and get sales ideally from new customers. You can give a business card to a potential new customer, they will either throw it away or call you to place an order.

So the story continues…

How to Create Business Cards Designs That Get Sales

  • Inside a Prospective Clients Mind
    Of course during the initial contact with the client, the first impression that you made for yourself, is all important when trying to create future sales. Assuming that you have some degree of sales ability during the encounter you will give the client one of your business cards. They will politely take it and put it into their wallet.

    It is later on that day that is important. What will the client do with your card? Will they throw it away or keep it? That is based on how the meeting went that day while the client still remembers you and your sales pitch. How about three months, six months or a year later? The client will probably have a vague recollection of you and what you said considering that was dozens and dozens of salespeople ago.

    All they will have to remember you is your business card and that is why the design of your business card can make-or-break a sale. Since they kept your card and didn't throw it away when they received it they will know it is someone they are interested in dealing with. But what if they kept your card and several others of your competitors offering the same goods or services?

    Human nature causes us to gravitate toward things that we find attractive, a well designed card may help you be the first one called when inquiring about pricing and availability. That is what you want, to at least get the call because when they do call you can use your magic to close the sale.
  • Choosing the Right Paper
    To design business cards that sell you first want to use some nice quality paper. A cheap paper will convey a lack of quality, which is never desirable. You don't want to look like a second rate outfit to the client. How good of a job can your business do if you can't even afford some decent paper?
  • What Do I Write On the Card?
    Next have your business name prominently displayed on the card. Make sure you use fonts that are of sufficient size that your company info can be easily read without having to try to decipher what it says. Not all people have good vision, it would be a shame to lose a sale because the customer couldn't read your card. People want instant solutions to their problems. They won't want the hassle of figuring out what your business name is. The same goes for the other info on the card, especially since there are so many other companies out there.

    Usually you will want to include your personal name, address, telephone, cell and fax numbers, website and email addresses and store hours. Of course each is used as is applicable. Don't try to cram every aspect of your business on your cards. It will make it look cluttered and people don't like wading through a mess. Include you most valid points, if you have a lot to say try a double-sided card or a style that folds in half. Make sure the colors you choose are eye catching while still being easy to read. You can also add your social media profiles.
  • Do I Need a Slogan?
    Many times a company slogan is used. If you don't have one you can try our free slogan generator to help you create one.
  • How About a Logo?
    A logo isn't mandatory, but if your company logo is well known in your field it can provide some brand recognition. We provide many logos that you can use if you use our free business card creator.
  • Create and Print Cards Here
    Our Free Business Cards Creator will instantly create and print custom, full color business cards for you. You don't need to download or install any software, we won't charge you any fees nor do we require you to sign up for membership.

    Our business card designs that sell come in many different styles, with many full-size, full color backgrounds ranging from abstract to photos of sunsets and more. The typefaces, colors, and text sizes can all be customized for each section. You can also choose if you want your text to be bold, italic or both.