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Business Cards and Social Media

business cards and social media Business Cards and Social Media: Learn how to recharge your business cards by incorporating your social media profiles to extend your advertising base and transition into the online world.

Social media websites are so intertwined into our everyday lives that we barely even notice. You walk by a local store and in the window you notice a sign that reads: "Check us out on Facebook" or "Follow us on Twitter." These companies are using social media as a free and effective advertising tool. You should be doing the very same thing to market yourself online to enhance your professional career or get the word out that you are looking for more customers.

Business Cards and Social Media

Social media is so easy to use and it is right there in front of us, all you have to do is harness its power and take advantage of its advertising magic. Learn how to do that by following these simple tips for turning your preexisting business cards into social media enhanced business cards.

  • Start Simple
    Your business card is a small rectangle that quickly and neatly displays all of your professional information. So make sure that the bare bones information of a typical card is there.

    Include your basic contact information; your phone number, email, and company address should still be present. Keep things comfortable for more transitional users. If they notice that your traditional components remain they will be more encouraged to observe your new and improved profile updates.
  • Link Your Accounts
    The point of introducing social media onto your business card is to encourage those who discover your company to discover more about you. You can place links to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., right on the reverse side of your business cards to help establish your internet presence.

    Additionally, make any websites or blogs that you personally created for the purpose of self-promotion prevalent on the card. You will increase traffic to those sites if you place them with your profile links.
  • Keep a Balance
    Sometimes after you incorporate social media onto a business card the appearance may start to present itself as cramped. Try to keep a steady balance between your traditional information and your social media implementation. You can put your company details on the front and profile links on the back.

    As an example to maintain a balance is to keep fifty percent of your card full of traditional information and the other fifty loaded with images and profile linkage.
  • Add a Techie Touch
    One way to really make your business card stand out and seem up to date is to incorporate a QR code right on the card itself. People are now familiar with these codes that you scan with a smartphone to be taken to your company website. Not only will you appear to be technologically proficient, you will add convenience to the user experience.
  • Go Paperless
    In addition to your traditional paper business cards, you should be updating and promoting your multiple social media profiles to act as online advertising. These websites are easy to use and easy to find. Take the next step and head in the paperless direction so that when a trend becomes the only reality you are prepared and indexed.
There are numerous benefits of employing your profiles as a means of advertising and marketing yourself or your company. The technological generation has made business cards and social media a necessity in this fast-paced, online world, and you can get started working on including your profiles into your business cards with the Free Business Card Creator.

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