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Better Ways to Use Business Cards

better ways to use business cards Believe it or not, a business card can become one of your most valuable assets in terms of networking and promoting your brand or service. Although many young professionals are turning toward social media in their pursuit of expansion, there are numerous occasions when the small piece of card stock with your contact information will be a helpful and useful tool.

You can think of your business card as investment that you are making to show individuals a brief professional summary about yourself. At the relatively low cost that business cards charge to order, you will see that this networking tool is not only one of the most helpful ways for you to get your name out in the business community, but also one of the most inexpensive.

Although sticking to classic ways of presenting your information on this small card will never cease to be effective, there are certain new innovations and ideas that you can use to get your name out in the world while being creative and modern.

Business Cards for the Modern Business Person

Some of the techniques and ideas that are presented below may come at an additional cost as the business cards are created, but the costs will hopefully be offset through their effectiveness. Just because you employ some of these business card methods does not guarantee that you will observe an immediate increase in success. Networking is a skill that must be built upon over years of practice.

  • Make them Unique to Your Business
    When someone looks at your business card they should have a general idea right away before they even read any information, what you do. A part of this technique is finding unique ways to not only decorate the cards, but display them.

    For example, if you are an artist, you want your card to reflect the style of art that you produce and make a memorable way for clients to look upon the card. Maybe even attach something to the card such as a mini paintbrush so there is no question as to what your profession is.

    If you have some kind of seasonal gift or promotion such as a candy cane or luggage tag, make sure that you attach your business card to the gift so that customers know who was responsible and which company the gift came from.
  • Make them Easily Accessible
    Depending on your profession, you may have a harder time keeping your cards handy so that if you meet someone you can quickly grab it and hand it to them. If you are a business professional and carry a brief case or bound portfolio there are most likely slots built into your accessories. However, if you are typically a person who would carry around a clipboard or book throughout the majority of the day, then use your cards as a book mark or clip them to the top of the clipboard.

    If you feel that your services are particularly useful to certain groups or you simply want to get your name out into the world, give some business cards to your friends and family and ask them to refer people that they know to your service or business.

    Keep your cards in any spare space you can think of. Jacket pockets, your car, your home, anywhere that you think they would be useful.
  • Be Useful to Potential Clients
    Every square inch of space should be giving useful information to promote your brand or service, this includes the back of the card. Print a local sports team's schedule on the back of your card so that individuals may decide to keep the card around.

    If you have a particular liking for the person that you have spoken with write a personal message in ink on the back of the card; write something by which the client will remember you. A great idea is to inscribe an "unlisted" personal number that the client can call to get in touch with you more easily.

    Another method that is used to get individuals to hang on to them longer is if you place coupons or other special offers on the back. If you have a special coupon code that customers could use to get a particular deal, include it exclusively on your business card, that way people will want to have one and hold on to it.
Although business cards have been used for years, they are still shown to be effective. The trick is to use your creativity to come up with innovative ways to keep clients interested. There are so many companies out there today and competition is fierce, that is why remaining relevant and memorable with better ways to use business cards is so important.