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Business Card FAQs Free Business Cards Creator

free business card creator faqs Business Card FAQs for Free Business Cards Creator when making your business cards small problems might arise. Nine times out of ten they are caused by people not reading the directions. The main thing one can do to eliminate any problems is to be sure to read the directions on each page. As most users do most users shouldn't have any problems.

Business Card FAQs for Free Business Cards Creator

During the creation process my background or logo won't show up.
  1. The most probable reason is that you may have some sort of security software or browser incompatibility that is disabling this functionality in your browser. If you cannot resolve the issue it is suggested that you use a logo or background from our gallery.
Why doesn't my own background or logo show up in the Preview?
  1. If it is not showing it may be because you entered the web address of the image incorrectly or the image is not located at the address you entered.
  2. As a test enter the address in the address bar of your browser and click enter. If it still doesn't doesn't show the cause is external to our program and is most likely caused by the solution previously shown.
Why don't my card backgrounds print?
  1. If your browser is not set correctly the background images of the cards will NOT be printed.

    To correctly set Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, & Safari
    1. Go to the Menu > Print
    2. Select More Settings > select the Background Graphics box.

    For IE
    1. Go to the Gear(Tools), then Print, then Page Setup. 2. Select the Print Background Colors and Images box, clear Enable Shrink to Fit.

    We have found a bug with early versions of IE that occurs when you use the print button on the toolbar. The backgrounds will not print even if you have set the browser to print backgrounds. To rectify this, click File, then Print from the top menu. Printing this way will enable the backgrounds to be printed.

How go I change my background or logo?
  1. To change your background or logo simply go through the background or logo pages and click your desired image to select it.
How do I use my own background or logo?
  1. To use your own background click the MYBG label above the address box on the MYBG page.
  2. To use your own logo click the My LOGO label above the address box on the My-Own-Logo page.
  3. Enter the web address of your desired image then click OK.
Why don't the cards come out the right size on the Preview page?
  1. Make sure that during Preview the card outline is not longer or taller than the blue bar guides. Also, make sure the blue bars are not pushed apart in the corner where they meet. Card Sizing Guide
  2. Don't use too many characters in the lines provided on the cards a good guide is 40 characters. Different styles many be able to handle more or less characters depending upon the style layout.
  3. Don't let the text wrap to the next line as this can distort the size of the cards. If it does wrap remove characters until it doesn't.
  4. When using your own logo image make sure it is no larger than 50X50 pixels or it will distort the size of the cards the background size won't affect the size.
  5. Choose a smaller text size by using a smaller number from the Size select boxes.
  6. Choose another font, some fonts are more compact than others, such as Arial.
  7. Remove a line if the card is taller than the bars.
  8. If you made your text bold you can try clearing the bold box, bold letters are larger than normal weight letters.
Why don't my fonts work right?
  1. Consult our business card fonts guide, it also contains information about where to get more free fonts for you to use.
Why do the cards run off the page when I print?
  1. If the cards run off the page after printing, go to File then Page Setup on your browser and set the margins to zero, then it should work. You can also go to the Preview page to set the Top Margin to zero.
How do I correct errors or make changes in my images or information?
  1. Check you card for typographical and grammatical errors, if you are not satisfied with the copy and image selected click "My Info." If you want to try another card style or another background click "Preview" on that page there is a collection of buttons at the bottom that will let you edit each section. If you are happy with your card click "Print" at the bottom.
Do I have to use the back side?
  1. No, to have a card with a blank back side choose "No Backside" on the Back Side page.
How do I print the back side?
  1. To print the back side you will need to turn the page over with the front side facing up and click the Print Back button. Everyone's computer/printer setup is different it may be necessary to experiment to determine the correct orientation of the paper into the printer to properly line up the front side with the back.
How much does it cost, how many cards can I make?
  1. There is no cost or membership and you can make as many cards as you like, whenever you like, our free business card creator program is always available.
Where can I get additional help?
  1. Please consult our Help and Support page.
Are these programs for sale?
  1. No, at this time we don't have any plans to sell these programs. The programs are continually being updated and improved with new features.