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Create Your Own Business Cards

create your own business cards Create Your Own Business Cards at home when you really need them, we will show you how to make them for almost no cost except for some paper and printer ink. There is no reason you have to order and purchase expensive business cards from a print shop.

If you have basic computing skills and know how to surf the web you shouldn't have any trouble making them yourself at home. You can choose to use special paper or standard 8 1/2" x 11" general purpose card stock whichever fits into the budget and is appropriate for your application. Now we can proceed to show you how to make them yourself.

Create Your Own Business Cards For Almost No Cost

  • What Is Your Message?
    What message are you trying to tell your potential customers? You may already have a company slogan or tagline that you already use in your other marketing vehicles. If that is the case, then this part of the task is complete. If not then it is time to write out several short lines that deliver your message in a short compact form.
  • What Colors Do You Like?
    We need to decide what colors to use. Your business probably already has a color scheme especially if it is already established. If you don't you can either choose a basic high contrast scheme, like black on white or do some research to find out what others in your industry are using.

    The goal is to make it noticeable without being obnoxious or tacky. You will need to exercise good judgment to determine what colors will best promote the company.
  • What paper to use?
    To create your own business cards you will need something to print on, choosing a paper is also important. If they are for casual use, then you can get away with a less costly paper. If this is for a company, then you will want to come off as professional so a better quality paper is in order.
  • What Fonts to Use?
    Since the printing tends to be small in size due to the size and space limitations of the paper it is important that it is able to be easy read. Fancy fonts can be appropriate be sure that your message can be read otherwise what is the point?

    Fancy fonts may need to be larger in size so they might be good for a logo or slogan. If you still need a slogan you can use our free slogan generator to help you make one.
  • What to Write?
    Of course you will want to include your company name and address. You may want to have your name and title. Also, a slogan or other short blurb about your products or services.
  • Use a Logo?
    Your company may have a logo so you probably want to use it if you have one. If not we have a library of logos if you would like to review them. Then, you will need to choose the size it should be.
  • Use The Backside Too?
    Text can also be put on the backside not only the front. Some valuable information about your products and services can be summed up on the backside.
  • Get Some Help!
    If you do want to create your own business cards you don't need to do it from scratch. Our free business cards creator can walk you through the process and make some nice cards that get noticed. This is where you can create them and change them as needed as your company evolves you can always make changes to the design.