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Free Logo Generator Create a Logo Online

online logo generator Free Logo Generator Create a Logo Online instantly create a custom 3D logo online using many styles, colors and fonts. You can generate free logos. Enter any text and use them on your business cards.

When using this free logo generator you will achieve the best results if you use smaller font sizes and a short line of text. You want to make the logo small for most of our business card styles, generally around 50 X 50 to 100 X 100 pixels in size.

The white square below is 50 X 50 pixels, you can compare it to the size of your logo. This is a suggestion because the best size to use is dependent on the style you choose and the quantity of text on your business card. After you save the image you generated to your device, you can right-click it and select Properties to see what its dimensions are.

Free Logo Generator Create a Logo Online

Size Comparison Example => free logo generator